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IEEE 2013 - 
Project Code
Knowledge and Data Engineering
KDE01A Fast Clustering-Based Feature Subset Selection Algorithm for High-Dimensional Data.
KDE02A Graph-Based Consensus Maximization Approach for Combining Multiple Supervised and Unsupervised Models. 
KDE03A Survey of XML Tree Patterns.
KDE04Automatic Semantic Content Extraction in Videos Using a Fuzzy Ontology and Rule-Based Model.
KDE05Clustering Sentence-Level Text Using a Novel Fuzzy Relational Clustering Algorithm. 
KDE06Distributed Processing of Probabilistic Top-k Queries in Wireless Sensor Networks.
KDE07Evaluating Data Reliability: An Evidential Answer with Application to a Web-Enabled Data Warehouse.
KDE08Large Graph Analysis in the GMine System. 
KDE09Maximum Likelihood Estimation from Uncertain Data in the Belief Function Framework.
KDE10Nonadaptive Mastermind Algorithms for String and Vector Databases, with Case Studies.
KDE11On the Recovery of R-Trees.
KDE12Ontology Matching: State of the Art and Future Challenges.
KDE13Ranking on Data Manifold with Sink Points.
KDE14Region-Based Foldings in Process Discovery.
KDE15Relationships between Diversity of Classification Ensembles and Single-Class Performance Measures.
KDE16T-Drive: Enhancing Driving Directions with Taxi Drivers' Intelligence
KDE17A Generalized Flow-Based Method for Analysis of Implicit Relationships on Wikipedia.
KDE18A Proxy-Based Approach to Continuous Location-Based Spatial Queries in Mobile Environments.
KDE19A Rough-Set-Based Incremental Approach for Updating Approximations under Dynamic Maintenance Environments.
KDE20A System to Filter Unwanted Messages from OSN User Walls.
KDE21AML: Efficient Approximate Membership Localization within a Web-Based Join Framework.
KDE22Anonymization of Centralized and Distributed Social Networks by Sequential Clustering.
KDE23Clustering Large Probabilistic Graphs. 
KDE24Detecting Intrinsic Loops Underlying Data Manifold.
KDE25Event Tracking for Real-Time Unaware Sensitivity Analysis (EventTracker). 
KDE26Fast Activity Detection: Indexing for Temporal Stochastic Automaton-Based Activity Models.
KDE27Finding Rare Classes: Active Learning with Generative and Discriminative Models. 
KDE28Halite: Fast and Scalable Multiresolution Local-Correlation Clustering
KDE29k-Pattern Set Mining under Constraints. 
KDE30Minimally Supervised Novel Relation Extraction Using a Latent Relational Mapping. 
KDE31Mining User Queries with Markov Chains: Application to Online Image Retrieval.
KDE32Reinforced Similarity Integration in Image-Rich Information Networks.
KDE33Supporting Search-As-You-Type Using SQL in Databases.
KDE34Simple Hybrid and Incremental Postpruning Techniques for Rule Induction.
KDE35λ-Diverse Nearest Neighbors Browsing for Multidimensional Data.
KDE36A Bound on Kappa-Error Diagrams for Analysis of Classifier Ensembles.
KDE37A New Algorithm for Inferring User Search Goals with Feedback Sessions.
KDE38Annotating Search Results from Web Databases.
KDE39Building a Scalable Database-Driven Reverse Dictionary.
KDE40Discovering Temporal Change Patterns in the Presence of Taxonomies.
KDE41Extending BCDM to Cope with Proposals and Evaluations of Updates.
KDE42Facilitating Effective User Navigation through Website Structure Improvement.
KDE43Information-Theoretic Outlier Detection for Large-Scale Categorical Data.
KDE44Modeling and Solving Distributed Configuration Problems: A CSP-Based Approach.
KDE45On Similarity Preserving Feature Selection.
KDE46Protecting Sensitive Labels in Social Network Data Anonymization.
KDE47Robust Module-Based Data Management.
KDE48Sampling Online Social Networks.
Supporting Flexible, Efficient, and User-Interpretable Retrieval of Similar Time Series.
KDE50The Minimum Consistent Subset Cover Problem: A Minimization View of Data Mining.
KDE51Transductive Multilabel Learning via Label Set Propagation.
KDE52A Method for Mining Infrequent Causal Associations and Its Application in Finding Adverse Drug Reaction Signal Pairs.
KDE53A Survey of Discretization Techniques: Taxonomy and Empirical Analysis in Supervised Learning. 
KDE54Clustering Uncertain Data Based on Probability Distribution Similarity.
KDE55Efficient Evaluation of SUM Queries over Probabilistic Data.
KDE56Efficient Service Skyline Computation for Composite Service Selection.
KDE57Finding Probabilistic Prevalent Colocations in Spatially Uncertain Data Sets.
KDE58Fuzzy Web Data Tables Integration Guided by an Ontological and Terminological Resource.
KDE59PMSE: A Personalized Mobile Search Engine.
KDE60Range-Based Skyline Queries in Mobile Environments.
KDE61Skyline Processing on Distributed Vertical Decompositions.
KDE62Spatial Query Integrity with Voronoi Neighbors.
KDE63Supporting Pattern-Preserving Anonymization for Time-Series Data. 
KDE64Synchronization-Inspired Partitioning and Hierarchical Clustering.
KDE65Transfer across Completely Different Feature Spaces via Spectral Embedding.
KDE66Tweet Analysis for Real-Time Event Detection and Earthquake Reporting System Development.
KDE67TW-$(k)$-Means: Automated Two-Level Variable Weighting Clustering Algorithm for Multiview Data.
KDE68U-Skyline: A New Skyline Query for Uncertain Databases.
KDE69A Novel Profit Maximizing Metric for Measuring Classification Performance of Customer Churn Prediction Models.
KDE70A Predictive-Reactive Method for Improving the Robustness of Real-Time Data Services. 
KDE71Achieving Data Privacy through Secrecy Views and Null-Based Virtual Updates.
KDE72Co-Occurrence-Based Diffusion for Expert Search on the Web. 
KDE73Efficient All Top-$(k)$ Computation - A Unified Solution for All Top-$(k)$, Reverse Top-$(k)$ and Top-$(m)$ Influential Queries.
KDE74Efficient and Effective Duplicate Detection in Hierarchical Data.
KDE75Failure-Aware Cascaded Suppression in Wireless Sensor Networks.
KDE76Multiview Partitioning via Tensor Methods.
KDE77Novel Biobjective Clustering (BiGC) Based on Cooperative Game Theory.
KDE78On Generalizable Low False-Positive Learning Using Asymmetric Support Vector Machines. 
KDE79Optimal Route Queries with Arbitrary Order Constraints.
KDE80Pay-As-You-Go Entity Resolution.
KDE81Optimal Route Queries with Arbitrary Order Constraints.
KDE82Pay-As-You-Go Entity Resolution.
KDE83Single-Database Private Information Retrieval from Fully Homomorphic Encryption.
KDE84Toward SWSs Discovery: Mapping from WSDL to OWL-S Based on Ontology Search and Standardization Engine.
KDE85Trace Ratio Optimization-Based Semi-Supervised Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction for Marginal Manifold Visualization.
KDE86Update Summarization via Graph-Based Sentence Ranking.
KDE87Change Detection in Streaming Multivariate Data Using Likelihood Detectors.
KDE88Coping with Events in Temporal Relational Databases.
KDE89Cutting Plane Training for Linear Support Vector Machines. 
KDE90Successive Group Selection for Microaggregation.
KDE91Errata Corrige on "Modeling and Computing Ternary Projective Relations between Regions".
KDE92A Survival Modeling Approach to Biomedical Search Result Diversification Using Wikipedia.
KDE93Centroid-Based Actionable 3D Subspace Clustering.
KDE94Constrained Text Coclustering with Supervised and Unsupervised Constraints. 
KDE95Crowdsourced Trace Similarity with Smartphones. 
KDE96Customized Policies for Handling Partial Information in Relational Databases.
KDE97Decision Trees for Mining Data Streams Based on the McDiarmid's Bound.
KDE98Discovering Characterizations of the Behavior of Anomalous Subpopulations.
KDE99FoCUS: Learning to Crawl Web Forums.
KDE100Improving Word Similarity by Augmenting PMI with Estimates of Word Polysemy.
KDE101Incentive Compatible Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis.
KDE102Nonnegative Matrix Factorization: A Comprehensive Review.
KDE103On Identifying Critical Nuggets of Information during Classification Tasks. 
KDE104Radio Database Compression for Accurate Energy-Efficient Localization in Fingerprinting Systems.
KDE105Semi-Supervised Nonlinear Hashing Using Bootstrap Sequential Projection Learning.
KDE106Spatial Approximate String Search. 
KDE107SVStream: A Support Vector-Based Algorithm for Clustering Data Streams.
KDE108The Move-Split-Merge Metric for Time Series. 
KDE109A User-Friendly Patent Search Paradigm.
KDE110A Methodology for Direct and Indirect Discrimination Prevention in Data Mining.
KDE111Anomaly Detection via Online Oversampling Principal Component Analysis.
KDE112CDAMA: Concealed Data Aggregation Scheme for Multiple Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks. 
KDE113Classification and Adaptive Novel Class Detection of Feature-Evolving Data Streams. 
KDE114Comparable Entity Mining from Comparative Questions.
KDE115Cross-Space Affinity Learning with Its Application to Movie Recommendation.
KDE116Distributed Strategies for Mining Outliers in Large Data Sets.
KDE117Enhancing Access Privacy of Range Retrievals over (��+)-Trees.
KDE118Inferring Statistically Significant Hidden Markov Models.
KDE119Lineage Encoding: An Efficient Wireless XML Streaming Supporting Twig Pattern Queries.
KDE120MKBoost: A Framework of Multiple Kernel Boosting.
KDE121Mining Order-Preserving Submatrices from Data with Repeated Measurements. 
KDE122Modeling Noisy Annotated Data with Application to Social Annotation.
KDE123Multiparty Access Control for Online Social Networks: Model and Mechanisms.
KDE124On the Analytical Properties of High-Dimensional Randomization.
KDE125TACI: Taxonomy-Aware Catalog Integration.
KDE126The Skyline of a Probabilistic Relation. 
KDE127Unsupervised Hybrid Feature Extraction Selection for High-Dimensional Non-Gaussian Data Clustering with Variational Inference.

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